Our professional and technical personnel have over 40 years combined experience in the IT industry, on both a national and international level.  This experience was gained at Fortune 500 companies, including AT&T, MCI, British Telecom, and CSC.  In addition, the owners have experience in working with small businesses in the Federal government sector with the Department of State, and in the non-profit sector with the American Red Cross. 

The owners have practical and working knowledge in all facets of the SDLC process.  This experience is backed by formal degrees earned at accredited US colleges and universities in the areas of Information Systems and Applied Science.  In addition, both owners have continued to grow their knowledge of the IT industry by participating in Time Management, Project Management, Budget Analysis, Team Dynamics, and BPR training programs throughout their careers.

Coupling the diverse experience and the expansive knowledge in the IT industry invariably positions Global IT Resources, Inc. to be one of the premier providers for solutions to complex business and organization problems.